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Tenacity is a student driven community that provides an inclusive and collaborative space to all

Tenacity offers everything you need.

At Tenacity, we create an enriching and valuable experience for all members. Whether it's through connecting them with clients or providing internship opportunities, we are committed to helping our members succeed.

Discover, Learn, Earn and Mentor

Discover new skills and interests, learn from experts and peers, earn through practical application of skills, and mentor others in their journey. With a focus on hands-on learning and real-world application.

Partnering with the Brands You Love

We partner with top brands you know and love to bring you a dynamic and meaningful experience. Participate in engaging workshops, gain valuable internship opportunities, and collaborate on projects.

Unlock Your Potential with Tenacity

Unleash your full potential with powerful resources for learning and growth. From expert mentors to cutting-edge tools, Tenacity provides everything you need to advance your skills and reach your goals.

Global Presence

We are a community with a presence in multiple countries and regions. Regardless of location, Tenacity members are united in their passion for technology and design and their desire to create positive change.

Tenacity is more than just a community.

Whether you're a student, entrepreneur, designer, developer, or any other creative, Tenacity offers something for everyone. It's a space where you can connect with like-minded individuals, pursue your passions, and make a real impact in the world. Join the Tenacity community and become part of something greater than just a group of individuals - become part of a movement that is shaping the future.

Join The Movement

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Everything is covered.

In Tenacity, you'll find everything you need for growth - discover, learn, earn, mentor, connect, and make an impact.

  • Network and collaborate
  • Find your passion
  • Learn from scratch
  • Access to resources
  • Internships oppurtunities
  • Like minded individuals
  • Community support

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Connect with other like-minded individuals, participate in discussions, and gain access to resources and tools that will help you grow

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most common questions.

What kind of activities and events does the Tenacity community organize?

We organize a variety of activities and events such as networking events, workshops, mentorship programs, and social gatherings.

Is there a membership fee to join the Tenacity community?

There is no membership fee to join us.

How can I make the most of my Tenacity community experience?

To make the most of your Tenacity community experience, we encourage you to attend events, participate in discussions, and take advantage of mentorship and networking opportunities.

How can I get involved and become a leader in the Tenacity community?

There are several ways to get involved and become a leader in the Tenacity community, such as volunteering for events, organizing your own events, or becoming a mentor.

What is the Tenacity community? And How is Tenacity community different from a regular college club?

A college club is typically focused on a specific interest or activity, such as a sports club or a debate club. College clubs are usually affiliated with the college or university, and their main goal is to provide students with an opportunity to pursue their interests and passions. Tenacity community is different in a way that it is not limited to the college or university, it is open for everyone and its goal is to support individuals in achieving personal and professional goals, not just providing an opportunity to pursue interests and passions.

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Core Team

Meet our team! We're a group of dedicated students working together to achieve our goals

Blog 1
Taufeeq Riyaz

Founder And Design Lead

The driving force behind the community, dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive environment for all members.

Blog 2
Radhika Pisipati

Content Manager

The mind behind all the craft engaging and informative pieces that keep our members and audience informed.

Blog 3
Srivarenya Thuluva

Product Manager

Bringing amazing products and services to life, responsible for our community development.